Discover the beautiful materials and pure craftsmanship of the NOOSA-Amsterdam bracelet collection. This one-of-a-kind accessory only becomes more beautiful over time. You can personalize the bracelets with a selection of handmade NOOSA-Amsterdam Chunks® which match your style, story, and memories. NOOSA-Amsterdam bracelets are made from 100% naturally tanned leather. The character of the leather and tanning process is reflected in variations in pattern and colour of each braceletBracelets can vary in size by one to three cm. Use our size chart to determine your correct size.

How does it work? You choose a style of bracelet: single or double, basic or salmon leather, in your favourite colour. Stylize these with your selection of Chunks®. Chunks® can easily be switched, so variations are endless. The number of NOOSA-Amsterdam Chunks® that can be placed on each bracelet depends on the style of the bracelet.

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NOOSA-Amsterdam bracelets are tanned with a natural process using vegetable materials such as the extract of South American quebracho wood, walnut and mimosa. Because of the unique structure of the leather, every bracelet is different. Personalize your bracelet by adding the Chunks® that suit you best. Or choose one of the NOOSA bracelets without Chunks® and read the story behind these bracelets.